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Are you Eating Intuitively? 3 Steps to Stress Free Eating.

I was recently quoted in The Independent newspaper on ‘Intuitive Eating’…

For those who’ve never heard of this, is effectively a nutrition philosophy to help you develop a more healthy relationship with food..

You can read the original article here

The journalist wanted to know about this new ‘anti-diet’…but let’s take stock for a second about what a ‘diet’ is…


“A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons”


Whilst many people like to think they’ve got it all down with their approach to eating, where that be ‘paleo’, ‘vegan’, etc.

If it involves a form of restriction, it is a diet, plain and simple.

Don’t kid yourself with the marketing for the latest ‘wonder plan’


So why is intuitive eating, not a ‘diet’ per say?

Here’s the definition of Intuition:

“the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

So I much prefer the term ‘instinctive eating’ –

“eating well without really thinking about it”


In my opinion, this is what we should all be aiming for and how I approach my long term strategy with my clients.

If your Nutrition Practitioner is not doing this.

Run a mile (Make it two just to be sure)


Is it as simple as ‘letting go?’

Let’s be frank, if you’ve struggled with your weight, managing food intolerance symptoms or another condition, it’s not as simple as ‘letting go’ – absolutely no restraint is as undesirable as being neurotic about your food. 


Where intuitive eating doesn’t work…

This is the caveat and where intuitive eating falls down.

There may be situations where follow a prescribed plan for a short time is necessary.

That’s fair enough, managing a a food intolerance, the symptoms of a medical condition (e.g. diabetes) or get in shape for certain day…might need a plan.

Diet’s are just that, short-term to reassert some control (where maybe there is none).

But the long term strategy to return to ‘instinctive eating’ should always be followed…


Your Instinctive Eating Mantra

My principle is thus for your long term eating strategy and if you’ve struggled with food for any amount of time…

You will figure out the ‘root cause’ of why your current approach to nutrition is not working and never be ‘on a diet’ constantly again.

You will take that step to remove the stress associated with mealtimes and develop a healthy relationship with food 

You will stop relying on the latest diet to give you the control over the food you eat, instead, you’ll be taking responsibility for what you eat. You’re in control.

Ready to take the next step?