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As part of the Functional Dietetics approach, diagnostic testing and body composition assessment has a number of benefits.


1. Body Composition data can help you remain focused and on track. Depending on your goals, the scale, the mirror or other means are not accurate. We use research-grade technology to ensure you obtain accurate information.


2. Diagnostic tests can help identify the central cause of ill health and aid a comprehensive nutrition treatment plan.


What services are available?

Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Scan


DEXA is an enhanced form of x-ray technology that can be used to measure bone mineral density, body fat and lean body mass.

It is a simple, quick (~4 minutes for the scan) and non-invasive procedure that provides a detailed assessment of your body composition.


It is considered to be the gold standard in body composition assessment.

We use a number of local practices and hospitals (W1 area) for all our DEXA scans, depending on availability.


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Skinfold Caliper Assessments


Skinfold assessments are a method of determining how much bodyfat you are carrying by taking readings of the thickness of the skin at predetermined sites across the body.


Rick has been trained to the highest standard in anthropometric assessment (ISAK accredited) and can perform a skinfold analysis as part of a routine Functional Dietetic Appointment


Not all everyone is suitable for a skinfold assessment and therefore prior enquiry is recommended.


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Biochemical Assessments 


From any of the clinic locations, you are able to access a range of biochemical investigations by our trusted laboratory partners.

 The Harley Street Functional Dietetics Clinic is a registered Genova Diagnostics Laboratory, offering you often, same day blood draws and rapid turnaround for results.


Rick is also a registered Map My Gut Practitioner and able to provide a detailed investigation of your microbiome and how you can influence this through your diet and lifestyle.


Biochemical Assessments are useful to aid with the following (not exclusive):


– Confirm vitamin and mineral deficiencies or suboptimal levels

– Investigate food intolerances or allergies

– Help understand how your gut health is influencing your overall health 

– Investigate autoimmune or hormonal imbalances


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