Why choose a one-to-one appointment?


If you do a simple search on the internet for the word “diet”

…you’ll get over 500 million results


There is so much nutrition information at your fingertips that you could read for the rest of your life and still not know what to believe!

Truth is, there never will be one diet that fits all…


Yes certainly there is some good nutrition advice out there, some you may even find quite effective (for a short time)…


…but the simple truth is that you may struggle your whole life trying one diet after the next, because none are personalised to your needs.


What makes Functional Dietetics different? 



1. Your route to treatment is personalised.

Orthodox (or traditional) nutritional medicine works on defined clinical pathways for treatment, based on the current consensus of scientific evidence.


You turn up sick, get provided the treatment and you (hopefully) get better.


This doesn’t always work…


…what if your concern doesn’t ‘fit’ this pathway?


…what if you don’t look at all the possible causes?

You end up ‘spinning your wheels’ and not getting better.


2. You don’t have to wait to get sick.


The World Health Organisation defines ‘health’ as:


“Health is not just the absence of disease”


Being ‘healthy’ is not just the opposite of not being sick!



Surely you would rather prevent getting sick if you could?


Day to day we all sit on a spectrum of being perfectly healthy and not so well.


This is called the Functional Range.



…and it’s up to You to decide what end of the spectrum you’d like to be on.


…many of us just end up floating towards becoming unwell before we decide to do something!

But You have a choice.


You can take a detailed, personalised approach to your health and nutrition 


forget the fads


ditch the diets 


figure out the root cause of your health concerns


take real steps to addressing Your health and be functionally well today


and help reduce the chance of illness in the future by eating right for you


So let’s start pushing your functional range towards vitality


What is the Functional Dietetics Approach?


Step 1. Book in at Your Convenience



Decide on your ideal clinic location for your appointment and contact me to book in.

See all of our locations here

I accept all major insurance companies with a referral from your doctor or pre-agreement from your insurance company.

Please confirm in advance contact me 

Step 2. Complete your Pre-Consultation Questionnaire


Your questionnaire is very detailed and needs to be completed in advance of the session whenever possible to:

– Obtain all the information regarding your medical, family and nutritional history.

– Maximise the quality of your appointment time with me

– Arrange any laboratory tests in advance if possible


Step 3. Come and talk through the findings with me





Your first appointment is 60-90 minutes and payment is taken a the end of the appointment session.

All major credit cards are accepted.



You have as much time as needed to:


– Discuss the questionnaire findings and any laboratory investigations


– Your suggested nutrition treatment and ensure it fits your needs


– Perform any body composition assessments (such as a skinfold caliper assessment – must be pre-booked)


4. What happens afterwards?


Firstly, Stay in touch, I’m here to help.



Your follow up appointments are 30-45 minutes and typically within 1-2 weeks of the first session.


In this session we:


– Review the nutrition treatment and ensure you are making progress.


– Perform any repeat laboratory investigations or body composition assessments


– Decide next steps


You may need to see me sooner or later it depending on your goals.


Still Have Questions?


Contact me and I’ll be more than happy to answer.