Dietitian Clinic Locations

25 Harley Street – The Functional Dietetics Clinic 

Twenty five Harley Street is London’s Premier Clinic. Specialising in women health, the functional dietetics services focus on all aspects of dietary treatment with added benefit of specialist female health support on-site including: nutrition support for endometriosis, nutrition support for fibroids treatment, reproductive and fertility concerns and hormonal balance.

The clinic is perfectly integrated care and offers treatment in the areas of gynaecology, aesthetics, dermatology and bone health. In addition, there are experts on hand to help with emotional wellbeing.

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Twenty five Harley Street is where all our DEXA scans take place. This gold standard procedure in body composition taking only mere minutes to complete is available as a walk-in service whilst at your dietetic appointment.

Why choose Twenty Five Harley Street?

In addition to the complete functional sports dietetics services the Twenty Five Harley Street clinic benefits from:

Immediate access to doctors and the best specialists in women’s health

On-site Phlebotomy Service (blood tests)

Aesthetic and dermatology services

Gynaecology and other female health services

Walk-in body composition (DEXA scan) and bone health assessments

The Functional Sports Nutrition Clinic

Located at the leading institute of sport, exercise and health in the world, the functional sports nutrition clinic delivers excellence in elite sports nutrition for performance, sports injury prevention, rehabilitation and optimisation of training.

The Institute of Sport Exercise and Health (ISEH) is a major legacy project of the 2012 London Olympic Games and is one of three locations forming the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Why choose the Functional Sports Nutrition Clinic?

In addition to the complete functional sports dietetics services the functional sports nutrition clinic benefits from:

Access to the worlds’ best sports medicine doctors, orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists and physiotherapists

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On-site radiology diagnostics

On-site rehabilitation gymnasium